I feel like a side chick to my kids dad?

My kids dad and I broke up about 4 years ago, and I thought we would get back together but we didn't. Shortly after like a month he got a new girlfriend who he has been with ever since. but pretty much throughout their whole relationship we have been hooking up. It goes a little beyond that because he buys me gifts, takes me shopping, takes me and the kids out once a week but he's still with her and he doesn't show signs of wanting to leave her. When I ask him why he keeps me around like that he says because he cares about me but I've told him several times that this isn't what I want. That I am not happy about the fact that he is with me but also with her but he never changes it. I feel like, he is using me for sex. But I just don't understand why he would do that and if he'd be stupid enough to do that with the kids being involved and all. The 4 of us hang out often me him and our 2 kids. But he also doesn't show signs or ever says that he wants us to be together one day. It is so hard for me to stay away from him even though I want to so bad. This situation has ruined my self esteem, I feel like I'm not good enough, sometimes worthless, sometimes I get really depressed. I've told him all of this but he doesn't seem to care he just insists that he really cares for me but I think he is playing games with me. What do u guys think of this? What do u think of him? Can he really love his gf? Why does he look for me? Why does he choose not to introduce her to the kids? When I ask why he doesn't introduce her his answer is "he doesn't feel like it at the moment"


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  • There are so many things wrong with this.

    >"I feel like the side chick"... that's because you are

    >"broke up 4 years ago... feel like he's using me for sex"... he is and you're equally wrong for having sex with someone in a relationship.

    >"and if he's stupid enough to do that with the kids involved"... you're an equal part of that. This should read "if we are stupid enough..."

    The verdict: You guys are both playing games and you know who is going to end up hurt? The kids. They already have had to deal with the stress of you 2 separating but now they are having to deal with you 2 playing house in this fantasy land where y'all can be a family and he can go back home to his girlfriend. You need to either get together, or get apart, set some boundaries, grow a spine, and do what is best for your kids.

    That brutal honesty is meant in the kindest way possible.

  • Hun he can't be that serious not to introduce her but. might also be as he knows what he's doing will confuse the kids more. he keeps coming back as he knows your an option. So sleeping with him won't help you


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