Girlfriend is acting weird?

We were in the relationship for almost 6 years then she started acting weird, she avoids talking to me, never tells me the reason. She loves me that i know for sure but she says we can't be together. Now i have been trying for 5 years to get her back but she still refused. Always say she loves me but can't be with me and now it's starting to hurt my ego. Is it time to let her go for my self respect? I really want to be with her though. Any help would be mich appreciated.


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  • Sorry you were together 6 years then she ended up and you've been trying to get her back for 5 years? What on earth for? Regardless of her reasons or if she loved you Hun, she doesn't want to be with you. If she can't be brace enough to give you a solid reason as to why not then there is no point in trying to change her mind; you don't know what you need to change.

    • I guess it's time I let her go then. I've wasted 11 years of my life already.

    • Definitely, especially if you hadn't actually had an adult relationship. We grow and mature over our teen years - we aren't who we end up being at that point so she may be a completely different person than the one you loved

    • It's a huge step for me and this helps, thanks a lot :)

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