Is it OK to make love someone on the network?

I mean you can have same side effect so why my mom tell me to not love someone I just met on network


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  • Because you can never know a person's true character unless you see them in real life situations and circumstances.

    You're profile shows you are only 13 , so your mom is just trying to safeguard you and protect you from any potential harm. The internet is a paedophiles and psychopaths hunting ground.

    Personally I couldn't fall in love online All you have is messages and phone calls. I don't fall in Iove with just words alone.


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  • You're too old for love...

    • no am not and I don't believe that there is an age for love by the way am 19

    • She's looking out for you and you don't really know the guy. He could just be telling you what you want to hear and also he could be catfishing you

  • by making love, what exactly do you mean?


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  • Because there are a lot of weirdos out there. She's just looking out for you.

    • could it be possible to look out I mean I don't think that it's legal to look for 19 years old girl !!

    • She's your Mum no matter how old you are, she's always going to look out for you.

    • well she knows that I was ready to kill myself for who I really love and that he can't believe me !!

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