How do I let this guy know I like him?

I met this guy a couple weeks ago through my friends crush. After hanging out my friend and her crush are trying to set us up. I know he likes me but he is EXTREMELY shy! He has never had a girlfriend and never been on a date the whole thing. I want to let him know I like him without telling him directly. Also what are some good questions to keep the conversation going?
Please answer! lol We are hanging out this weekend and I want to let him know then!


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What Guys Said 1

  • u take the lead &yeah be a bit touchy whenever you talk to him show him you are listening him quite carefully ask him abt his likes & dislikes

    even non verbal clues like playing with ur hairs ,facing him while talking are also the simple yet subtle clues for a guy to pick up

    hope it helps!best of luck anyway!


What Girls Said 1

  • well if he's never been on a date he obviously doesn't have a lot of experience and probably won't be able to take a subtle hint. Just be all touchy feely with him, say things that open it up and make it easy for him to ask your out. Mention a movie or a day you have free.


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