Should I try reinitating contact with her again?

So I met her last october and we became friends. We had a lot of fun, flirted, and teased each other all the time but never anything intimate (I held her hand twice, that's all). Then I started acting like a clingy, immature, desperate, needy baby (even tho we weren't even going out). She started distancing herself and I never saw her again after halloween. A month later I last txtd her (by this time she would only respond and never txt first), and she said she was going to be in and out of town from now on (although I later learned this was a lie) , and she wasn't sure when she would be back and that she didn't know if/when I would see her again, and I freaked out and said how could she just lead me on and then leave. She said she never liked me that way and that I misunderstood her. That was 6 months ago and I have changed tremendously since then, I feel like a brand new person. Anyways.. I thought I would reach out and see if we could get back in touch. I don't want to get into anything emotional, I just thought we could talk as friends because we used to get along so well and we could talk about ANYTHING, literally, and make it interesting. So I texted her yesterday an inside joke (I'm 99% sure she would remember) and she replied back a minute later "?". I was at the movie theatre a couple hours later when I got another reply "who is this?" and had a missed call too. So I think maybe she changed her number or she deleted mine. I was wondering if I should text her back to see if it was really her number still (and maybe she just didn't recognize my number) or if I should just let it go, because she may not want to talk to me anyways and there's a good chance that it isn't even her number. What do you think? I'm 18 (17 when we met) and she's 19, by the way.


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  • I was in a similar situation and messed it up like that. I wish I could say you didn't ruin it, but I could be wrong. Your going to need a prayer and let it go for now. Maybe you know one of her friends or something, where you could mention you want to stay friends, but who knows. Girls fly, man. That's one of the reasons they are so beautiful.


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