Did I do the wrong thing?

I was seeing a guy who lives in my hometown, whenever I went there he would come over to my apartment, we'd go on dates, go to the beach and I enjoyed being with him. We never slept together. A couple of weeks ago I found out he has a girlfriend of like two years and this dude even picked me up in her car from the airport and drove me around and everything. He literally had an entire life I didn't know about.

I messaged the girlfriend on Facebook to let her know at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do and I initially didn't feel bad about it because as far as I see it he played us both, & I cut communication with him except on WhatsApp and now he sent me voice notes of her crying, now I feel like absolute shit.

Did I do the wrong thing?


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  • Of course not. It was going to end bad either way it's best not to play a role in his charade. Don't let him guilt you into thinking its even remotely your fault. He was the one who decided to play with people's emotions and the fact that he send you voice clips shows he has no remorse for his actions.


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  • Yes and no. You did the right thing which ended up turning into a bad thing.

  • you ruined it all

    • How did I do that if I didn't know anything about her?

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    • Seems like you're speaking from a little too much experience here and misplacing your anger. I don't feel ashamed of myself because I've been in her shoes more than once and I wish the girl would have told me

    • im sorry
      i was just messing with you
      honestly i think you did right
      he was a fraud n maybe still is
      but emotions are human weakness n that's what most jerks prey on
      emotions of innocent girls

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