Imagine that your ex is 5 inches tall and no one would know, if you kill this asshole. Would you do it and if yes, how?

All information is in the poll. If you want to do something unstated, answer yourself.
  • I would just stomp at it, so this asshole will die fast.
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  • I would devour it, so it will die not so fast and get torment that I got, when it broke my heart.
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  • This creature does not deserve fast death. I would put him into my ass, so it would be painfully digesting for dozens of hours.
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  • I would make it die by something disgusting (drown in my piss or something like that)
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  • I would not kill it, I would use it as my sex-toy, that only deserves to make me pleasured.
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  • I would not kill it and I would forget all bad things, that it has done, because it is too cute :3
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I can't deal with a guilty conscience so I couldn't kill it


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your options are just deluded. I would just leave my ex be. Resorting to violence against a person you're no longer in a relationship with is just fucking pathetic.


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  • Ya know. The worst kind of punishment is when you realize you lost something and you'll never have it back. Death only hurts temporarily but emotional damage hurts a lifetime

  • seriously? ? do you think people here are a bunch of 11 year olds like you?


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