Asked my ex to meet up but he said it would be "too much". What does this mean?

Long story short we broke up because we didn't have time for each other. I brought up the breakup but changed my mind (wanted to work through it) but he didn't. We agreed that we would try to be friends in the future.

I went NC for 2 months but I finally contacted him and asked if he'd want to hang out soon. He said he really appreciated me but seeing me would be "too much". What does this mean? I see it one of three ways:

1.) He still has feelings or thinks feelings may resurface if we meet (odd, because he was the one who really finalized the breakup)

2.) He thinks I still have feelings for him and is afraid I may try to pursue him (odd, because I haven't contacted him after the breakup until now)

3.) He just doesn't care to see me/have me as a friend (I think this is unlikely, as he is the kind of person to just not pick up the phone if he didn't care)

Thanks for any advice!
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  • Thinks I still have feelings
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  • Too much for him to handle right now. Whether that means because he still has feelings or he assumes you do so he doesn't want to deal with it, orbhe simply doesn't have time is unknown and there's no point in making assumptions about it. Just leave it at - he doesn't want to meet up and try to move on.

  • dude, it's a combination of all of it. and even then, you shouldn't be contacting an ex if you're done with it. it only complicates things


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