Why did he block me and tell my family im pregnant when im not?

My ex broke up with me a year ago. He recently blocked me on FB out of the blue 2 days after a quick friendly chat. I called my brother the other day to talk and he said my ex had called him drunk last week, and told him while they were talking that i was pregnant.

Guys or girls, can you please share your opinion. What do you think his behaviour is saying?

I still love him and wanted mutual contact from time to time. But feel like im being treated very poorly. We were together for 4 years.

Thank you!


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  • The thing that's clear here is that you both have a pretty messed up relationship. I mean, here's a guy who spreads lies about you, yet you're here saying how you still love him and what not.

    My ex-wife was a monster during our divorce. I don't want anything to do with her. That strikes me as a normal reaction to someone who exhibits bad behavior. Wanting mutual contact from an ex-boyfriend who treats you poorly makes zero sense to me.

    • He was friendly before this happened. We both were. I wanted to ask because this behavior is so bizarre. I can understand the blocking for healing or moving on or whatever but the pregnancy lie was just so unexpected. Is he hurting or just plain bitter do you think?

    • I think he's both bitter and he's crazy. I mean, spreading lies about pregnancy? Who does that? As for hurting, it's been a year so I don't think so but maybe he is. I just tend to think that feelings of hurt don't last that long but darker feelings like resentment are the ones that are able to last longer. I think the longer you two know each other, the more that you'll find that that's all that's left between you two. I would just cut this guy off and move on regardless of what he says to you going forward.

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