How to deal with being cheated on?

So my girlfriend of 5 months cheated on me. I became suspicious because everytime we went out she would be on her phone, etc. One day we were out she got a phone call and she quickly said I'll call you back and before she hung up I heard a guy on the other line say I love you. So I immediately told her who's that. She broke down and said it's her ex she slept with him once. Well I got on Facebook and messaged him and turns out they were seeing each other throughout me dating her he even thought he was her boyfriend as well.

Anyone the breakup would be easy but the issue is I gotta see her at work almost everyday we work at the same place. How do I deal with this.


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  • just ignore the little slut.

    • Thanks.

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    • I'm still hurting :( that's the thanks I get for being there when she had the flu, bringing her soup and medicine introducing her to my family over the holiday's. :(

    • yeah it will be hard no matter what. i hope you feel better soon.

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  • I have been cheated on and never talked to him again , do the same


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  • Someone told me to never date someone from the same workplace, and I think someone should tell you too
    Also, if she cheated once, she'll *probably* do it again.
    Imho, you should breakup asap. As hard as it could be now, it's for the best

    • True and it is what it is. Lots of people met their future husband or wife at work. It was worth a shot. Now it's done.

  • don't focus on her betrayal look at this this way at least you dogded a bullet n didn't end up staying with a cheater... you don't deserve that n she won't change so don't bother entertaining her stuff...
    accept the hurt n know you'll get past it... try to find someone else to keep you busy... friends etc.

    • She was married before too prob cheated on her husband

    • yes probably... its tough but good riddance.

  • Sniper rifle


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