How do you get over a relationship with a sociopath? Very abusive and violent towards me?

We were together for 2 years, living together, together every day and every night. We had goals and aspirations for our future together then all of a sudden we have a fight and he leaves. Started speaking to this girl at 4pm, left me at 6pm and in a relationship at 7pm. I don't understand what I did, I did everything for him, gave him a good life, I thought we were happy but apparently he hasn't loved me for 6 months. I don't know what to do or how to move on from this. I love him so much but I hate him for what he's done to me. He's called me twice since and abused the crap out of me, why is he doing that? He made a new facebook, instagram and new number. He's telling everyone I'm crazy and they think he's a legend for leaving me. Did he ever love me or was it just a game?


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  • You have to realize you could be a 10/10 girlfriend and they will still do horrible things to you because you let them go and come back and to them they see it as no backbone. Know that you aren't the issue here and he is, you may love him but you don't deserve to be treated like that. He does it because you let him, for some reason he thinks he can step all over you and you will crumble and beg for him back. He has his own issues and thats all you need to know. One day you will be happy again but don't rush it, you probably lost yourself a bit in the relationship so find it again

    • I'm an amazing person. I'm genuine and honest and loyal. Everything he's not. He's such a dog and I'm so mad. It's Valentine's Day and he's off with some Slut.

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