Should I send my ex a lovely Valentine's Day greeting tomorrow? She broke up with me, but later wanted to take a break and see how we feel?

I want her back so badly, I love her and I want to spend my life with her (I'm 33 and she is 35). She broke up with me because she thinks I'm not too liberal enough for her, but the love she showed me for a war when we were together was real. It was there and there is still some left. We argued two weeks ago and she said she wanted to be alone. Should I try to get her back? If so, how?

It's weird that I'm neighbors with one of her friends and I see them every single day...


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  • What does it mean to be broken up and THEN want a break?
    In my opinion, politics shouldn't be a basis for a breakup.
    If your heart has the need to send a valentines, do it but be conservative just to let her know you're thinking of her and not some over the top extranaganza. That may make her feel pressured.

    • First she told me it's time to depart and that she does not intend to continue our relationship. Later her cat got sick -- and she was reminded of when I saved her cats life -- then we spoke on phone and she suggested to take a break and see how we feel after some time. That's what I mean

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    • It's funny. All her friends like me, I like her friends. We are so similar, yet she focused on a small portion of life... and we argued about it. I apologized to her by email and phone, but I didn't sound desperate.

    • I think she should appreciate getting a little something on Valentine's Day from you. But like I said, don't go over the top.

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  • She is your ex and she broke up with you for a silly, damned goofy reason. Of course you miss her and you want to reach out; who wants to be alone on Valentine's Day? However, send her a card, greeting, etc. and you will just look pathetic.

  • Yeah just leave it, don't send anything. She will probably just throw it in the trash.


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