Ex texting me, What does it mean?

Hey guys!
My ex broke up 3 months ago and we have been in no contact since then..
2 days ago i messaged him to Ask if he was okay with meeting me among our mutural friends, snd he said Yes but didn't seem to care that much
around 10 minutes later he started to Snapchat me, asking questions about my life and stuff, he was kind of flirty..
I tried to end the conversation but he just asked more questions and wanted to talk
please help, What does this mean? Could it mean he wants me back?


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  • Bunanababa's got it right, don't fall for it lol


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  • Oh wow! You ended up texting him. How did you feel talking to him?

    • I still want him back, so i liked talking to him.. but i dont know about him, what he meant.. since he snapped me so much

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    • I thought you texted him?
      To be honest I think he most likely wants to just have sex with you.

    • I texted him first, but he started snapchating me later..
      No he is not that type of guy and he wouldn't do that because he really cares about me

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  • Ignore him.. move on, he is an EX.


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  • not necessarily. Probably just curious or wants to get into your pants


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