My heart is confused?

They say the heart wants what it wants..

Mine is very confused, and I don't know what that means?

I did at one time have strong feelings for her.. If I married her, I would be happy for the rest of my life...

After she hurt me, that changed... In my mind I believe she is a good person, however from what I tell people they say she just likes attention, she's a narcissist (and I'm a empathy‚Äč type?), she plays games... Maybe I'm blind to that because I still love her and don't think she is evil.

I don't think I love her anymore, at least not the way I used to... But I still have feelings that I don't understand... I'm still hurt things didn't work out, but at the same time maybe she is evil?

I tried talking to her, but she won't tell me the truth, she keeps shutting me down and ignoring/forgetting everything that happened :(
Sorry If I have some how offended whywouldyou?


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  • is that supposed to be for real. I am so done. fuck the lie you have made

    • What?

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    • I am sorry I was responding to something else and must have clicked the wrong thing I will take it down. my mistake.

    • Lol no problem, I was insanely confused what happened.

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