How to forget my first love?

it was from 4 years and I still thinking about her..

don't say I should find another love cause I can't


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  • You don't normally forget your first love but, the feeling that you had for that person may go away, but there is nothing that you can do.

    • but I hate the way she rejected me and hate this feeling.. I want to forget this hurt feelings

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    • never never?

    • Well my first love we broke up months ago and I still love him even if there is someone else in my life but I've just learned to move on stop focus on how to move on you will eventually it just takes time.

  • Treat this situation as a step forward to a new different situation. Go out with the lads have a drink, talk to women TALK TO THEM! you see a girl you like ask for their number. Don't be saying 'don't tell me to find someone else' well how else u gonna get over someone eating pizza? Nooo!! Eating pussy my feller !


What Guys Said 1

  • You don't. Just accept what happened and move on, you don't need to forget it


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