Girls? If you mutually broke up with your boyfriend and he gets you a gift for valentines, would you approve yes or no?

Me and my ex loved being together and there was nothing wrong personally between the two of us. The reason we split up however was because I'm still temporarily staying with family (plan on moving out in like two months) and it made having freedom to come and go as I pleased difficult. Now before you start declaring how I'm an adult etc etc understand that I'm living in their house. They have every right not to want me coming and going especially at late hours, no one likes hearing their front door opening/closing at 3/4 o'clock in the morning. Plus their religious so if I wanted to stay over her house over night I would have to be living on my own. They don't want me doing that while living under their roof which in truth is fair, their house their rules. I don't have anywhere else to go at the moment so staying is my only option for now. So even though my girl and I stopped dating she told me once I got my place we could try again and she was sorry for stopping the relationship. I texted her almost two weeks after we split just to see how things have changed with how we communicate since I didn't know if she even wanted to hear from me and I didn't want to invade, but I still care and want her. She told me she wanted to be clear that nothing had changed (which I still don't fully understand so feel free to clarify). But she doesn't think we should date, nor that we can practically "just be friends". But she wanted to be "friendly" (again feel free) and not pretend like I don't exist. So far I've basically left it alone, I haven't sent/received anything since the conversation almost a week ago which does bug me. But I'm living my life, flirting with other girls, etc.. I'm not a wreck I'm moving forward but I do still care for her. But this would have been our first valentines and I kinda wanna do something small for her. Should I? I wanna show her I still care through action but I don't wanna hurt her by doing so (Stirring up emotions). I'm trying!


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  • Sounds like she broke it off with you. Just because you live with your parents doesn't mean you have to call it off unless you're not that into the person. I would save the present and maybe text her a have a good day which means more and see how she responds. Yet if she isn't willing to put in the time with you, save yourself energy and money with her and give someone who is willing a chance. You just haven't moved on yet so give it time.


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