Why am I so pissed off at him? I saw he was tagged with another girl?

I have been on and off with this guy for 4 years. We broke up once for real and i dated someone else and i slept with the other guy. We then broke up and me and my x went back together. Four years ago he was wt a girl and left her because he wasn't in love wt her. Today i saw him tagged. A picture wt her. I was furious. I talked wt him and he said yup i went back to her, at least she didn't sleep wt anybody after i broke up wt her, and he said the she wished him a happy valentines, I didn't. I really hate myself r8 now and I don't know why. I feel aweful. I feel like i was nothing in his damn life. Donno if i love him.


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  • u moved on after u broke up with him so now let the bygones be bygones, dont let his life affect urs


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  • Well probably cause you can see yourself in her position and thats what in the back of your mind wishes was happening.


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