Would you stop going to a store you normally guy too if a ex started working their?

so my ex started working at a store i normally go too when ever i need anything. when ever i work in my ex is always staring at me I don't know why since we both have moved on. at first i didn't even notice she was staring at me till another casher told me and my current girlfriend told me as will. since then i have started too notice it and stop going to kmart as often.. but now am thinking of not going at all what should i do? i was gonna stop by Kmart to pick up another nurse outfit for my class on Saturday. i use to let my ex affect where ever i go and stop going any where i could bump into her but i stop doing that since i felt like i won't let her effect my life.


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  • No, I'd ignore him and act like I don't know him lol

    • and if he kept staring at u?

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