My ex constantly texts me help😕?

Ok today my ex boyfriend texted me yesterday and today he broke up with me on February 4th i been avoiding texting him i made him mad but he seems to calming down after a little fight word fight i been giving him space to breathe so he sending cussing messages through texting but i just didn't say nothing i wanted to be the better person so he been checking on me like he texted how are you and i said im Ok yesterday then today he text how are you i said im ok then he texted im ok just waiting for lunch i texted alright with a smiley face

What does it mean when your ex constantly texts you everyday to check on me😕 im confused why would he text me yesterday and on Valentine's day i didn't bother asking him why has been texting me


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  • He still has feelings for you but won't admit it.


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