One for the ladies... ?

Ok, I'm taking my ex out for a belated Valentines date tomorrow, we've been split for 3-1/2 months, we've had sex a couple times, and it's incredible, but... she doesn't wannna commit.

So, she's moved a few things out, but if she wanted to, she could've had ten guys in five trucks empty the house in an hour.

She says that my desire to be with her is pushing her away, tomorrow could be another night of epic ex-sex, but I want it all back. I want her love back. So, what if we got warmed up, and I told her I couldn't, because I want so much more from her? What if I told her that I loved her, and couldn't use her in this way anymore?

What do you ladies think? Men's comments are welcomed too, but there's more to our story, and walking away isn't an option.

This is a lifetime with this girl, I'm 44 and I picked her up from high school for a date. We've had others input lives, but we've always been back before...

How can I expedite this ladies, she's angry and hurt, but I don't think she's done.
I meant to say that we've had others in our lives, but we've always been back together...


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  • Well how did it go? My advice is still you don't need her so don't act that way. Don't act as if you desire her unless she start stripping you naked and then you tear it up and leave!! Make her come back to you and if she doesn't sorry because chasing her will not work either. I know the feeling of an ex wanting you back it it starts to look desperate and very unattractive. This is a sick game and if you want to play have to be the bad boy.

    • Well. I think it's over for me. We were topless, and getting into it, I stopped, pulled her beck to me and told her that I wanted more from the relationship than sex. We stayed up all night talking, and nothing ever came of it. This was after a long drive and dinner, which was fun, but as soon as it got serious, that was it.

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  • If she doesn't want you she doesn't want you. You sound like you are going to miss something good forvavgirl who doesn't even want anything but to use you for sex when she wants. When a woman cares or loves a man she doesn't say the things you are saying she is telling you. But I bet you aren't going to get that till its too late. So good luck your going to need it and not even that will make her want you anymore than she has or does now. Men are always chasing what they can't have or want what doesn't want them. Meanwhile the girls that are going to be worth your time are getting more and more tired of the bullshit men do and will give up and not be able to trust anyone again. Smdh.

    • Lol. I agree, if this wasn't my high-school sweetheart, I'd be gone already. I'm 44 now, and she's never been far away. We're just assholes at times.

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  • She will be gay for that.

    • Gay? Sorry man, I'm in America, gay-happy? Or gay lesbian?

    • And... I've NEVER said no to her before...

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