Does he miss me?

Recently broke up. Haven't texted much. He texted me on Sunday so I could get something I forgot at his place back, he left it outside so we didn't end up seeing each other. After I got them we texted a little bit, I told him I wish I could have been a better girlfriend. He said I was but nothing like he was used to and wasn't sure if he was ready for that in his life and has so much going on he doesn't know himself anymore. Was at a gas station we both go to tonight and was with a male friend, he pulled in while I was pumping my gas and 15 min later even though I didn't think he saw me I get this text. Does he miss me?Does he miss me?


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  • yes. make his valentines day great and tell him if it is ok to come over

    • You have no idea how much I wish I could. He has his daughter tonight. I have my son tonight. Kids weren't introduced

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  • Yes, I believe he does.
    I just went through a breakup too... a little less than a month ago and it still hurts like hell </3 I've been mostly fine now, but then there'd still be days where I find myself wake up crying or having to cry myself to sleep :'(
    I know mine misses still misses me and thinks of me. TBH, I do find that hard to believe sometimes but he'd tell me that from time to time. Maybe it's because we didn't split due to anything bad happening but more so because of other factors in life that aren't in our favor... At least, not right now. We're still on talking terms and have agreed to remain friends. One part of me is glad that we're still in each other's lives, but still, this doesn't mean it hurts any less :'(

    • I wish mine and I were still on more talking terms than we are. It hurts to be cut out of his life so suddenly. Other than that message I haven't heard from him... yet ­čĄ×Things definitely aren't in our favour right now either, but I'm a firm believer of things happen for a reason and people come into our lives for a reason. Our paths have crossed many times and am hopeful that is a sign...

    • I think it hurts him too, which is probably why he hasn't been talking as much. I believe that men, in general, tend to keep to themselves when they hurt.

      I hope things get better for you.

    • You as well and thank you for your opinion!

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  • sounds like he does miss you.


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  • he misses you


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