Have you ever been stuck emotionally after a breakup?

Hello everyone, awhile ago I had a a pretty rough breakup with a girl I really cared about after she cheated on me. The girl in question and I had been friends for years before we decided to date. It was great (to my knowledge) and she would always say that I was the only one for her etc. Well... not long after she decided to go back to school she met a new guy and said things like she was "confused", "hurt", "alone" and that she loved both of us.

Then she would have cycles of hating me and then would hate him and talk trash about him to our friends, even though they were dwting. Meanwhile I came to find out that im terminally ill and I decided my time is too precious to waste on this drama. Today her and I dont talk, I've cut her and my old friends out of my life in order to focus on myself. But i still ask myself "how can someone lie about love" and "if she never really carex, about me why not let me go"? Its to the point where some does those are the only two things I think about. I appreciate any stories, advice or anything.



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  • yes and I got over it by time


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  • sorry to hear your story and situation. Unfortunately nearly everyone experiences this at some point.. my ex always said she would be devastated if we broke up, turns out she ended it and I was devastated. Life's unfair and cruel sometimes but you need to value the friends and family that are always there for you no matter what. Girls have a tendency in particular to change their feelings in a heartbeat, what they say one day may not be the same tomorrow and its often hard to gauge true feelings unlike guys who are much more up front. I know what you are experiencing, seven months on I still think about my ex all the time.. but time is all it takes unfortunately and there is no quick fix or explanation - sorry I can't be more help

  • -"Friends for years". She wasn't really that attracted to you. Most likely was a beta bitch fall back who she went with after Chad screwed her over and never called her back.

    Just lol. Sloots gonna sloot. "she was "confused", "hurt", "alone" and that she loved both of us."This was your first point in knowing to check out.

    Just lol at putting up with her shit man. Either be an alpha and keep women in their place or be a beta bitch and let them walk all over you. Decide how you want your life to be because the latter gets you cheated.

    Be ALPHA. Only way to have long lasting relationship with women.


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