Thank you my love!

No question - just a side note to my love.

As I am awoken by the loud voices of a neighbor who is talking on the phone with his girlfriend and going through a breakup... I can not sleep. Can you blame me? This guy is screaming and crying into the phone pacing in front of my house going through a break up... note to others: when your girlfriends is hanging out w. other guys why try to fix things for an hour? She is no good!

So... from hearing this guy's drama it makes me be thankful for our relationship and even though we've had problem over our 5 years thank the lord for infidelity not being one. I love you my love = thank you for being a great boyfriend and I hope I am just as good of a girl to you! Ask me to marry you already - I am ready to be all yours... love you and THANK YOU ALL FAITHFUL GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS...


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  • If there is no question then this really should have been posted in stories ( link ) Don't be too surprised if this question gets taken down. I'd advise copy/pasting this if it does and posting it in the link I gave you.

    • Thanks did not know there was a story section - does not matter if it gets deleted - just wanted to write it down for that moment

  • Corny.

    • Nothing wrong for being thankful for having a good boyfriend or girlfriend .... hope you are experiencing the same trust and love in ur relationship as I am in mine :)

    • Never said there was anything wrong with what you said, but it still sounded corny.

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