Ex boyfriend told me to reach out if I need him but doesn't respond to my texts?

My ex & I caught up recently, and everything was great. He talked, joked around, teased each other. Just like old friends. At one point, I told him that I was planning to travel to Asia, and he said to ask him if I had any questions because he has been there several times. When he dropped me off after hanging out, he even said that it was nice talking to me again & that we should catch up again sometime but I was nervous and just said "uhh..." then quickly said bye and booked it out of the car. 2 weeks later, I decided to text him to try and arrange a meet up to talk about it because it'll be my first time traveling alone so I have a lot of questions. It's been 2 days now and he hasn't replied. Did my behavior at the end have to do with it?


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  • It could be as he was reaching out to be on terms with you again and he probably read your reaction as a no or that you didn't want to be same thing. I assume that your both 18+ in that case just talk to him and explain that you do want to be on Good terms. If he doesn't respond at all you might as well leave it alone.

    • Something similar happened 3 months ago when we just broke up. He insisted on remaining friends, & said that we could hang out & he could come over to my place to watch TV like before. I was hesitant but eventually agreed. So I texted him a few days after & we talked like normal. Then 1 week later he told me that we needed to stop talking & not remain in contact. I respected that. BUT 1 month after, we bumped into each other at a mutual friend's party & he kept trying to make eye contact but i completely ignored him. At the end of the night though, he still tried to talk to me to make sure I had a safe ride home. Why is he responsive & caring one day and cold the next?

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    • Yea it can totally add to that. What it sounds like is he doesn't want to get his feelings hurt being with you so he insists that you just be friends. The problem is he still has all those feeling for you. He hasn't stop liking/loving you but he feels like he putting himself out there for you and your not doing the same

    • As far as doing silly stuff like the eye contact stuff. it because he still cares for you and wants to make sure your OK.

  • Yes. You're a dick head.


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  • maybe he said it to be polite

    • I thought so too but he seemed really excited when he said it and he mentioned it a couple times, not just a passing comment. That's why I'm confused

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