My ex of 6 months (no contact) emailed me and I'm not sure what to take from it?

he wrote 'i know now that the loved we shared was a love that would have battled to the lengths that it needed. thank-you for showing me this love'.

we were together for a year in each others pockets not normally my style but he was so insecure and extremely jealous.. but we loved each other deeply and had an awesome connection. I tried to cut it off a few times. when we split he had a new chick asap:(


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  • Word up! I just read this was unanswered and thought I would try and chip in with my 50 cents if it's any help for you or not. Erm . . . . the first question obviously I suppose running through your mind is why has he emailed you and what can you take from that. First of all two things: -

    1) He still thinks of you and you are still on his mind.,

    2) He is looking at the sort of reaction he might get from you and is kind of testing the water. See what you feel - how you respond.

    To be honest if I had broken up with someone and six months down the line I got this as an email I'd be feeling pretty like "WTF!?!" and I'm sure you are too. You didn't provide any information as to your relationship with this guy - how long it was - what happened - how you broke up so without any more information it's hard for me to say. I'd say in all honesty it could well be a case of the guy's ego doing this. You know. You break up - six months on he gets in touch - and just wants to see if he gets a reaction or you still like him.

    A lot of the time when breaking up with people it happens. I broke up with a girl in Greece and went about six months without talking to her. As soon as she saw that I was chatting and getting close to a relatively sweet looking new girl she got in touch almost immediately. Not that I thought she wanted to get back or cared. But it was like. "How can you move on?" and "Who is she?" it's more hurting of the ego . . . .

    My advice?

    Go Dutch! Ask the guy straight up what he means and what he is talking about. See how he responds. If he d***s around or acts stupid I would say forget it.

    Ultimately doe what you feel is best. You deserve the best.

    • Thanks man,, my gut instinct was ego.It's a weird situation but there goes.. he fell inlove with me pretty fast which I was weary of and became very jealous of everything. he was so romantic and we connected on a lot of levels..i tried to break it off a few times but he totally convinced me he would change. in the end a huge fight separated us I broke it off but the next day wanted to talk but he would never talk to me again and got a new chick in 3 weeks so I never contacted him again.they are over

  • I needed someone in my life to help me forget you. But I still think about you when I'm with her.


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