Is he really sorry or is he just saying this?

so I have been helping a friend out a buying him a few shirts and not asking for anything in return but when I asked for a little think like my earrings that I left at it house he will not answer me or anything so you asked him about it over oovoo and this was most of our conversation ( the stuff b4 that doesn't matter)

me: if your ready to stop being a d*** ill see

Jon:when am I a d***?

me: giving me an attitude Monday .

jon: what attitude?

me: when I asked to just drop off the shirt you seemed like you didn't care I was doing this for you.

Jon: ha ha I would never

me: you just sounded like you expect this from me. I don't have to do this

Jon: nahh but what your doing means so much to me

me. it doesn't seem like you appreciate. or want to talk anymore

Jon: I am sorry

me: its OK just don't do it anymore

Jon: I won't

me: any why don't you want to chill anymore

Jon: I never can I'm always busy

me: OK

so is he sorry or just saying this stuff?

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  • It seems that he's just saying stuffs.


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