How do I handle the situation?

we were in a 5 y/o relation.
really loved each other, still do it.
recently, we had to break up.
I want to make it easy for her to move on.
we have a number of common friends.
I cannot handle the pressure of her not being alryt post break up.
could you guys kindly suggest some way by which I could help her move on.
she is an extremely simple and emotional person.
though, tough in life, but it was me who was her weakness, now the void is hard to fill.
Guys, do help me if you can with your suggestions.
thank you.


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  • I'm a female this is what I can tell you...
    1. Ask her how she feels.
    2. Share how you feel.
    3. No matter what someone is gonna get hurt but always be kind to her and comfort her.
    4. But I wouldn't or would ask her, if she just want to be friends. BUT that can hurt her because she still have feelings for you, if she does.
    5. Just be real and true/honest with her. Because if you no longer have feelings for her, then why still be with her to hurt her even more. If the feelings are not mutual, then you have to let go or give it another try to see if you still want to be that person. Good luck!

    • we still have mutual feelings.
      have to part ways due to social pressure, I realize tyms hv changed, but some things take a lot of tym.
      u myt feel if v love each other v should rather continue wid our relationship, but thr r a few things that cannot be ignored.
      hope you get my feelings they r intended to be.

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  • Advise her friends to take her out. She needs distractions.

    • friends can do that, but she wouldn't go out wid frienz.
      she doesn't meet/ talk to any of our common frienz.
      she says they remind her of me.
      that's pretty ryt if v see things from her perspective.

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    • No probs

    • yuppsss
      thanks for the advice.
      would ask her friends to give her a visit.

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