Please help, How to get closure from a relationship?

I just really need to get closure from a relationship I was in a couple of years ago. But I don't really wanna talk to the guy. Do you think there is anyway to get closure without talking to him? And if I have to talk to him, how do I go about getting closure?


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  • it depends on what type of closure you want. Most likely though you will have to talk to him about it. You can try stalking his life a little bit and see if that gives you any closure but I doubt it. If you want to talk to him about getting closure you have to reestablish communication so that he will give the you honest answers.

    • There are different kind of closures?

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    • well then why is he in your head? was the break up bad? do you still have feelings for him? where you not able to say everything you wanted before you split up?

    • Because I can't help but to think about him. It was bad, it just hurt me a bunch. I guess that could be it but I hope not. I think there is a part of me that wants him to know how bad it hurt me. But I'm scared to tell him.

  • Give yourself closure. That's the only way to do it without interacting with the other person. Accept that it was a couple of years ago, they have almost certainly gotten on with their lives and you should too.

    • I've tried time after time. For a while he kept coming back in my life and there was 2 years that he was gone like completely and I thought I was doing good. But then recently through mutual friends we started hanging out again and now I'm just all in my head about it.

  • I know what you're feeling. This past year I was dating a girl who I really liked and I was happy being with her. Then out of nowhere she just stopped talking to me. No formal break up, not even a call or text, just stopped talking to me. It was like I never existed to her. Many months later and I'm still not over her because I got no closure. How did your relationship end? Was it something similar to that? I honestly don't know how to fully get closure without talking to the other person. I've just told myself once I find the right girl I'll be able to forget about the old one, but until that happens its not easy to deal with.

    • It was a really random break up we were both going through stuff and it just kind of happened. But for 3 years straight we would find ourselves trying to get back together and then it was just suddenly.

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    • Thanks

    • Glad I could help 👍

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