Why is my ex wanting to meet up now?

me and my ex split up 3 month ago a lot was said and done to the point of we couldn't talk with out arguing.

at the time of us splitting we worked together and for 2 weeks he had to b in the same room as me and had to leave then over night he wanted to b were ever I was and looked at me all the time with out talking to me tho. I left this place for another job,

2 month after we split we were on a night out with mutual friends he stared and watched me dancing but couldn't speak to me, as I was buying the group drinks I bought him one to and he refused it.after this night out I broke off all contact. 4 weeks later I saw him at my old work place when I called in for some things I needed and he stared at me the next day he passed me in the car and then phoned me , I texted him back asking what he had wanted and he never answered. a few days later I texted apologizing for my actions from when we had split up and he said it was both of us really not just me. when I asked what he had phoned for he said he didn't no really.

A few days later I asked if he cud do a reference for me as he was my manager at my old place of work and then e-mail it or post it to me. to this he said I will meet you probably friday, when friday came round he had not done it and said its just finding the time, so again I offered to give him my e-mail or postal address and again he went I'll meet you on Monday on my dinner hour. when I asked y he was wanting to meet he sort of took the huff and went nothing fine I'll post it through the letter box, I replied and said no I would meet him but needed a time and place. Why is he insisting on meeting up and why all this strange behavior recently?


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  • Why, because he still has feelings for you! And you are pretty screwed about the reference. You should have made sure you had that before anything went south. But since you can't turn back the clocks...I would say pray about.


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  • Text him, and ask if he is with someone else.
    If he's not, seduce him so that he will come back to you.

  • Tell him: I want you back.

    • Will this not make him runa mile tho tbf I think he has moved on already and with sum1 else but his actions make my friends and I think there is still sumit there

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