I just had a visit from the tax collectors and police at my home, my bfriend wrote me that this morning. ?

I assume that different states have different legal procedures when it comes to tax,
I am in a long distance relationship with this guy,
Who mentioned having tax collectors and police officers in his house.
Considering we've been together for a few months as a (couple)

I find this to not be up for discussion,
I can see myself breaking up with him immediately.


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  • Don't be an idiot. I have tax troubles, and if I didn't have money to throw at it, I'd be getting similar visits. Trouble is, it's corruption on the part of my previous company's executives as far as a franchise tax board is concerned, and It's corruption as far as the fed is concerned. I have a lawyer and accountant unfucked my shit currently.

    But hey, if a woman was dumb enough to dump me like the status I enjoy with the IRS could possibly be an indicator of my fitness to be a mate, she'd be too dumb for me to be upset about losing.


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