My crush stopped talking to me and blocked me on social media after I kissed someone else at a party. Now many months later he unliked all my pics?

I had a crush on him for a long time and we were kinda friends but not really, but we started getting closer and hanging out more. I wasn't sure if he liked me or not and one night I was at my friend's party and saw him there with his friends but when I tried to talk to him he was being distant and rude. So I started talking to this other guy and we ended up making out and I know my crush saw. A few days later I checked social media and my crush had blocked me and un friended me on everything. Now many months later I see he unliked all of my pics and deleted his comments (I have an app that tracks that so I know it was today). I'm not really sure what my question is I'm just kinda confused why he would unlike my fb, twitter and insta posts out of no where since he had already blocked me a long time ago. Looking back I feel like the reason he blocked me to begin with was maybe because he did like me but just never showed it? And I wonder if unliking my pics now months later means he's still thinking about me or if it means he's officially done and wants no trace of himself left in my life.


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  • whats the app? The fact he bothered to do this shows he still cares, does he know you have the app?

    • The app is Followers+ and no he doesn't know I have it. I just can't make sense of why he would unlike everything months later especially since he already blocked me so it's not like he has to see my stuff. He had to go out of his way to do this.

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    • okay so instagram, maybe he went into 'posts you've liked' and undid a lot of old pictures - is it specifically just the photos you are in? or lots of various pics?

    • He unliked everything I posted that he had at one point liked and deleted all his comments. I'm in every pic.

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  • I think it means he is done and probably just worked up the courage today to look at your social media and to delete everything he said/liked. Perhaps he has another girl in mind or a new girlfriend and he doesn't want any drama.


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  • Why would you even make out with a guy over one time he was being distant? He probably had a bad day.

  • No he's just not interested anymore.

    • I think you're right. That's why I was confused why he felt the need to go unlike everything. It just seems unnecessary

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