Did I push him away further?

So my boyfriend and I broke up four months ago. After we broke up I messaged him 20 days later just to see how it was going, he replied then I started apologising and asking for a second chance whenever he was ready. After this convo I left it for another few weeks and started another convo with him just casual it didn't go anywhere. Then another few weeks later I messaged him again to see if we could talk about things so we could try to be friends. I explained everything of why I did what I did to him. The convo ended with him last messaging it's been over two months and I don't know if it's too soon to message again?


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  • Do you regret the fact that maybe you might have been the one who broke up with him?


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  • I think you should call it quits. Its been 4 months and he's not really responding to any offers or stimuli that you put his way.


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  • why do you want him back anyway?

    • That's what I need to figure out. I loved what we had before his depression became bad. I learnt a lot about myself and I know I can keep learning more about everything from him.

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    • mmmm I thought you did.

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  • he broke up with you? may I ask why? was there cheating involved?

    • He had too much going on to be in a relationship apparently. I was getting annoyed at him because I felt like he didn't want to talk to me and then he was too busy to see me but would constantly go out with other people. We had a fight because he went to a gig and because I hadn't seen him for a while I asked if I could come and then he didn't want to too because he told me I would need his attention the whole night and would get mad at this and this. That's not the case I only got annoyed one time about something similar because he was meant to be staying over mine. Cheating wasn't involved

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