Living with an ex: Have you or someone you know lived with a former spouse/bf/gf ONLY because of finances?

You wanted to live separate lives but had to make do for a while because one or both of you couldn't afford your own place.
  • Yes, and I dated other people (or wanted to)
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  • Yes, and I didn't date other people
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  • Living again with a former spouse... BAD IDEA! Boyfriend and girlfriend living together and sharing expenses as unmarried couple... BAD IDEA TOO!

    Have you seen Judge Judy on TV? She didn't like help to them to make decision to clean up their mess. Get Married!

    • But what if you can't afford to move out? I've heard this a lot from people in their 40s. You've got kids, your house is worth less than what you owe, the economy is slow but inflation's high.

    • Honestly, I do not know any alternative... I have seen on court TV... When they moved into family member or relatives or friends... Didn't get along. Owed on rent and kids made mess and damages. Sad. If going to work. KEEP WORKING!

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