Guys, what do girls do you find cute?

I find it cute when guys (in high school) always sit at the front. Or anywhere thats not the back. It annoys me when they sit at the back because its hard to look at them (if theyre my crush) and i dont know what theyre doing. I also love it when guys are sweaty. Like their hairline is filled with sweat and there's sweat dripping on their "sideburns" (i dunno the name of that straight piece of thin hair next to the ear). I also love it when they pay attention to the teacher, actually do schoolwork and care for their grades, admit their mistakes and apologize, when they show signs of interest, aren't afraid to show that they like you, loves cats, aren't afraid to show their true emotions, meaning they're not afraid to cry and act scared of something. I hate it when guys pretend to be big and buff when they feel like crying and covering their faces from fear. I love it when guys cry. Its cute.

- lip biting
- fingers touching lips
- attractive and sporty looking but is actually not athletic
- when he sits in the middle or the front of the class and not at the back
- when they apologise for their mistakes and own up to it
- when they sweat around their hairline
- when they finger comb their hair
- when theyre quiet and gentle
- when theyre not afraid to cry or show that they are scared
- when they show their weak sides
- when they gush over how cute something is
- when theyre fav animal is a cat and loves cats so much
- when they nail bite
- when they chew their food
- when they show that they like you
- when they lick their lips
- when they dont catch the ball or aren't fast enough runners
- when they have neat handwriting


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  • wow, you find a lot of stuff cute!!!

    Girls in guys shirts is super cute and sexy

    When a girl is coy it's really cute


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  • when their hairs cover their face and they tuck lock of hairs behind their ears

  • play with their hair

  • When girls flip their hair and have a cute laugh. It's adorable
    And wow! That's a long list lol. I love cats by the way 😸


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