Guys, Is it okay if you keep seeing someone you can't stand?

Okay so say your girlfriend is super-hot but has a really awful personality. Do you pay the price of being around her in exchange for great sex till you meet someone else that you like? okay so maybe she thinks it might be going somewhere but if she could see herself she would know how deluded she is - she's emotionally and verbally abusive, selfish and just a huge pain in the ass and its surely obvious the only reason you're still together is because she's so smoking hot and you never know when the next opportunity to be with a girl so sexy is gonna come along. You really want a decent relationship but lets face it its never gonna happen with her, she makes you feel like crap. What do you do?
  • Stay with her but dump her when you meet someone else that you fancy
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  • Dump her immediately - its not fair to string her along even if she treats you like crap
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What Guys Said 2

  • Not worth your time nor hers - put an end to it.

  • You are obessed with her. Its time to MOVE ON!!!


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