Is asking for closure from someone you were close with too much? Why ghost someone you were very close with because they hurt you, why not say bye?

This man ghosted me because apparently I hurt his feelings, I was wrong and apologized and truly mean it, however it has been over a month and a half. I know my feelings for him were more than any other guy now, but I am just left with this heart ache. I have sent him messages about still wanting to be his friend, not wanting to lose him, telling him how wonderful he is and finally after no response sent best wishes message and he still hasn't replied. Is it too much to ask him to just tell me goodbye or ask for him to tell me how he feels for closure or to process it to move on? If I asked him to just tell me goodbye so I can know it is over for good is it too much? I just want to end it for good if that is what he wants, I just wonder if he does why he doesn't let me know if he used to care as much as he said he did. Thank you.
Why would he not offer closure anyway?


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  • Grab the textyourexback. com material it's quite useful !

    • thanks, it sounds very useful if I can just bring myself to text him one more time not sure if I can bite the bullet

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    • he hasn't made contact in over a month, I was reaching out to him to apologize and finally just want him to say he is either done or whatever, if he is done just want to hear it from him so I can have closure in move on but he refuses to say goodbye. If it was just some guy I wouldn't really care too much, but with him we were so close so just stopping all contact is unnerving!

    • Read the website use the material he's not gone away

  • Its past and Let it go and fly it AWAY!!!

  • I don't know. A girl who i really liked ghosted me last year and it really hurts. She just stopped responding to me and wouldn't tell me why. Many months later I still have heart ache because I got no closure.


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