What should I do?

My ex girlfriend is clearly having a battle between her heart and her head about me. She clearly still has feelings for me but she's trying to convince herself it won't work. She tends to overthink things to the extreme and being with me in person always cleared everything up for her and she said whenever she was with me she didn't worry and she felt right and that wed make it. But we haven't seen each other in a while and its making her head be able to win over her heart.

I know if we just hung out once we could fix it but she doesn't know if she wants to see me. I don't know what to do i love her and want her back. If you're gonna tell me to move on then fuck off i dont need to hear it. I've already considered it and im not gonna give up and have regrets of what could have happened if id tried. What should i do?


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  • First and foremost I hope things work out for the best.
    Did she say those words to you exactly? "I still have feelings for you but I am trying to convince myself it won't work." If so, just talk with her. Maybe you can work something out.
    On the other hand if you are just assuming she wants you back then... I guess I'm gonna 'fuck off' now.

    • I didn't say she wants me back i said she clearly still has feelings for me but i can tell she's just letting stress get the best of her and let her fears and insecurity about it ruin shit. I can tell she still has feelings cuz she gets jealous at the mere idea of me and other women and tries to find out if im seeing anyone and she also was telling me she was single when i didn't even ask if she was. And other shit like that

    • But when i try to suggest we hang out or something she won't make a decision

  • sometimes its best to think with your head not your heart. keep in touch with her and remind her how good your relationship is/was, but if she decides she doesn't want to be with you, you should respect that

    • I agree its not good to be irrational and just blindly go into a relationship but overthinking is just as bad it causes anxiety, paranoia, and fear of stuff that may not even exist. I flat out said tell me if you want me to just move on and leave u alone and she wouldn't say it.

    • thats great then, it means she doesn't want you to leave her. but maybe just give her time to think about. keep the relationship going as usual and avoid talking about this topic with her for a little while so she can remember how she feels about you

    • Thank you

  • Why does she have doubts about you guys?

    • Its a long story but life cirumstances have been tough and we can't always see each other as much as we wanted. And we broke up mainly cuz she thinks i wasn't supportive about everything its hard to explain

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