What is the most convenient method to retain your former lover when it is hard for them to trust you again and they are not willing to listen to you?

A scorpio lady who is not trusting her ex anymore due to some work issues which she sees that he couldn't manage to rectify and as a result of which she left work and decided to break up while started to act weird. she is not willing to listen to any further justifications may be the problem can be rectified. any suggestions folks?


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  • I am a scorpion lady as swell and I know the character perfectly! The answer is proving the love in the most romantic way. If she is hurt she won't listen or try to. Now she thinks they you don't love her, you don't do anything to prove that you are sorry. You cold do something special and unique for her. So that she can receive your message right where it hurts now. Do something to surprise her. Scorpions have a hard character, they could be very mean when they are hurt or sad. But when they love there is totally different, with a good and very romantic love prove you can rebuild her heart and it will be only yours. Good luck and don't give up 👍🏻💪🏻👏🏻

    • I thank you kindly, yes she turned out to be mean because I hurt her unintentionally. but is there a way other than surprising her through approaching her directly, despite the fact that she doesn't listen! she is keeping me around but pretty much as if I don't exist and she sometimes try to provoke me and so. any suggestions in respect of a fabulous surprise a scorpio likes that can turn her back on to me again? I'd be grateful :)

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    • This thing with the friend I know it. I care a lot for my friend and they're opinion men a lot for me because I know that they care for me. She thinks the same I guess. But it's not always good for her, because mostly these friends are the ones that don't have a relationship but still they give advices. This is up to her. You cold do that but don't do it to long , than she will think that you have other priorities, if you know what I mean.

    • yes I definitely get what you mean, I even thought they are jealous and they just envy her so they just guide her the wrong way. even her sister decided not to intervene as a result for what she was told by her sister (I don't know what's going on behind the scenes anyway). will try to take an action in a positive manner may be that works. thanks a million dear.

  • If she doesn't trust you anymore there's no point. You can't get true trust back.


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