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hey there. do you think that if your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't support you with your goals you have to break up with him/her? or keep staying into your relationship till things get hard?


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  • Well it depends on what the goals are but generally yes you should. Your SO should support you with your goals.


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  • From a relationship coaching lens, if your partner does not support your goals, there is no need to keep things going. Here's why:

    1) Not everyone (including your partner) will agree with all of your goals but they should at least support them.
    2) Not supporting them is a sign of disrespect or indifference and those same things will find their way into other parts of your relationship.
    3) The longer you stay with them despite their lack of support, the more you are showing them that their lack of support is acceptable.


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  • Break it off, but first what are the goals you're not being supported in?

    • im trying to be a professional singer and musician

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    • im pretty modest but i dont have lemmys looks.. my look is one of my advantages to be honest so i dont really need fame to have a girl i like. also i dont like cheating not because i think its something bad but because i dont like to split my self in half. she is pretty insecure though and not matter what she can't trust me. its a real pain in the ass because she calls me all the time when i have a meeting with my music agents and if i miss her call she gets crazy..

    • Yeah. That is an issue. Tell her you're sick of it and if she doesn't chill you're done.

  • yeah you should, if nothing changes


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