Weird behaviour of ex girlfriend or am I overthinking it?

Quite a few months ago i tried to start a small talk with an ex girlfriend in messenger, her answers showed clearly that she wanted to stop it instantly, she replied but she put in the end "take care", pretty much giving me a signal that she doesn't want to talk to me. I stopped right there and of course i didn't bother her since then.
Yesterday i received a message from her, with some love stickers, since it was Friday, i thought she was drunk and i decided to not reply (i didn't accept her request so she didn't know i saw it). A while later she told me that she didn't send them herself but someone else did and that she was really embarrassed.
Honestly i don't believe someone else send them but i said accidents happen to comfort her. A small random talk followed and we ended it there.
I am confused since i don't know what to do, i want to be in contact with her, we had a great time together.
Should i try to contact her or should i let her do it herself if she wants to? Do you think that it was really an accident?
Thanks in advance!


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  • move on. it's your ex for a reason, even if you weren't the one who broke up.


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