Guys, hiding new relationship from kids and exgf?

hiding new relationship from kids and exgf?
how does this work? kids are young 3 and 4. and the exgf wants him back or another reason is she's scared new girl (me) will be called mom, or the dad (my bf) will be taken away by the new girlfriend. so the exgf is trying everything to get rid of new girl by trying to get the guy back by using the kids.
we decided to let the exgf think we are broken up so maybe she'll stop trying to get back with him and move on, get rid of the drama between the 3 of us, and not let the kids involved while they are young.
everyone else knows about us. except the exgf. I can totally see her catching us in the lie.
would this girl even move on. I've read a lot of horror stories about exgf/wife getting in the way of happy relationship for many years.

what do you think about our plan?
what are the chances of this working at all that she will move on?

they have been broken up for over 2 years already...
before he met me they were broken up for 1.8 years.
he's a constant presence in the exgf life because obviously they have very young kids together.

what should I suggest to him to help her along in moving on?

I actually hate her. I hate girls/guys who uses kids to get what they want from their ex. or couldn't care less about what the other party (me) feels as long as she gets my boyfriend back.


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  • * I think you are doing things right at the moment.
    * It's hard to tell if she will move on. Only she can answer that. So it's out of your control and shouldn't be a focus for you.
    * A suggestion is to realize that you are not going to replace their mom and "IF" you talk to her just tell her that you can never take that away from the kids. But you need to make sure your boyfriend is committed to you and lets her know that she doesn't have a chance of getting with him in a relationship.


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