What would be a reason to block someone? And if you did have you ever unblocked them? And could you block someone that your in love with?


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  • I think it's pretty hard to block someone you loved. It's not easy letting go. And blocking them is like saying you are over them or you understand they are gone for good, and you want to hold on to hope they will come back.

    I think if you are unblocking them it's cause you have moved on from them and feel you can see something from them and not feel the hurt anymore.

    • So if you were to block someone it's because your hurt?

    • Yeah. I don't want be reminded of what I had, what I lost, or that she is better off without me.

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  • I have my ex blocked. We just recently broke up and have decided to see how things work out. If we end up fixing our issues I will unblock him.


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  • Nothing anyone could possibly type on a compute screen offends me so I never block anyone. Unless they are pussies that are easily offended or annoyed by silly words on a screen and block me first, then I simply return the favor.


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