Guys, Why is he acting this way?

Long story short, my fiancé and I broke up 2 days ago. We're still living together and we have a daughter together. We broke up because he doesn't show me any love or affection, he never makes an effort to improve our relationship and he always puts his career first. When I took my engagement ring off and said I was done, he didn't care. He said "fine" and turned away. I didn't expect him to make a scene or get on his knees and beg me to stay, but at the very least he could have said more than one fucking word. Since then I've attempted to speak to him about everything, but he wasn't interested at all. So I've just decided to stop trying. He, on the other hand, is acting as if we are still together, we never argued and everything is perfect. Deep down he has to know that isn't true. I'm not talking to him and he knows I'm still not wearing my ring. It doesn't take a genius to work out something isn't right. We're in such a weird place at the moment. If I attempt to speak to him about everything he will blow me off, start another argument or just pretend there's nothing wrong, but I don't want to put my ring back on and act as if we're all good when we're far from it. I just don't know what to do.


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  • He is acting that way because the longer you be with somebody then eventually they will change and act funny and weird. The person will take you for granted and think you will not leave them or go anyway. I bet that is what he is thinking. Also maybe he figures he doesn't have to romance you no more or give you lot's of attention because that stuff guy's do in the beginning of dating to get the girl and pursue her. Now he figures you guy's have a daughter and you live with him so he thinks you ain't going no where. Yeah you broke up with him but he blocks that out because your still around him and there.


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