We both cheated on each other, what should I do?

So my boyfriend of 1 year went on a holiday trip with all his guys mates for the weekend a couple of days ago, leaving all their girlfriends behind, including me. So everything went well until I noticed my boyfriend was being distant on me while we were messaging on the phone. I had a gut feeling that something happened but I told my self to brush it off.

Yesteday I got bored from the lack of attention that I went to Omegle for a bit of company. One thing led to another I ended up being naked in front of the camera while a stranger ejaculated in front of the camera. I didn't have any feeling of guilt from this, since I feel like it was all just harmless fun. Plus, I wasn't planning to tell my boyfriend.

And today, I was on the phone to my boyfriend when he confessed that while he was out drinking and got drunk, he kissed a girl. I wasn't sure if it was just a peck or a make out session, but he said it was mutual and it lasted for a good 5 seconds. I was devastated. I kept hoping he would spring out and said he was joking but he didn't. But I felt like it was a good opportunity to confess so I admitted about what I did on Omegle.

He wasn't too happy about that and he kept hinting it was worse since I was perfectly sober and he knew I wasn't going to tell him if he didn't told me what happened. So now we're not talking to each other and we both are unsure of what we should do. I can feel a break up coming up but to be honest I still love him and I feel like what happened was nothing and that we should just move on. He's still pretty upset about it though. So now I don't know what to do.

Should I break up with him? I'd prefer to stay with him but how do I make things better?


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  • I'm not someone who sees "being drunk" as an excuse, but hey that's jjst me. and sorry if I'm wrong but it seems like he's trying to give you all the blame. which it isn't. you were both wrong, own it, talk about it and then proceed with the relationship. though if he's all like "I can't trust you anymore bc you weren't drunk" or something similar, then I would advice to break up. why? cause he will repeat this every. single. time. you guys have an argument.

    • Thanks! You're absolutely right. We're going to have a big talk over the phone on a mobile and fingers crossed he doesn't blame it all on me. Wish me luck!

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