Should I warn my ex that I just got hired at his work?

dating for 6 mo, exclusive for 10 days before it crashed and burned... this was like 3 weeks ago. my best friend got a job with him and told me how great the job was.

it seemed rational at the time, but now even getting the job seems crazy. but I need the money and its an awesome summer job.

i start Friday, but he can see now, if he looks at the group schedule, that I got this job... I feel like I should call or something, but I don't want him to think that I'm working there to get back with him.

gahhhhh! what should I do?!?!

he just told my friend that he has no hard feelings (he wanted to not be exclusive, I stopped talking to him) and she told him to call me.

should I wait for him to (maybe) call and tell him?

should I quit before I start?

should I call and give him a heads up?

is there any way to let him know its about my friend and the paycheck (and the awesomeness of the job) and not him?


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  • Nope suprise him he will love it...


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  • If you tell me that your gonna be working there, its because you care to let me know. If the job is straight business. Keep it that way. Your making it personal by reaching out to him.

  • Don't tell him.

    Just show up and be like Its for the money. Didn't even know you worked here/still worked here/omg this is where you work?


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