Ever tried to win back someone?

I am thinking i might try to win back one of my ex and well she's a unique case because in most situations i left the girl but this one actually left me.. and well fuck if i dont miss her most the time.. So anyhow have you ever tried to win back a girl/guy who dumped your ass and if so what did you do in your attempts?


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  • I'm too stubborn to try to win back someone. If they don't reach out to me then we'll never speak again lol

    If she left you then the chances are she'll reject you. She may have moved on anyway

    • huh.. we still talk everyday and she comes over for a good shagging bout 3 times a week.. I think she was more or less disappointed and wants me to unfuck my current situation.. which im working on currently

    • You never stated that in your question lol

      she may just want a friends with benefits with you. If you're fucking her and talking everyday then you should have an idea if you can win here back or not

    • ya i do have an idea.. the question is have you tried it and what did you do in your attempt

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  • Just a quick thought from a relationship coaching lens: you don't want to chase someone who isn't chasing your or doesn't want to be chased. Meaning, if you try and win someone back and you're doing all the work to get the relationship back, it's going to start off one-sided. Those don't generally end well.

    • ya generally speaking your correct. That being said in this situation i believe the entire reason she broke up was due to lack of attention and a desire to be chased again.. She still comes by 3 to 4 times a week and text me throughout the day everyday just to see what im doing and if i ate. Please not that the country where i live people dont say i love you to each other veyr often however they do ask if you've eaten as a way to show that they care.

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  • Go on Youtube and research a guy called Brad Downing. He is a expert on winning back your ex. I have watched a few videos of his and it makes sense. I can write it here but not in mood to write long paragraphs right now.

  • if you still see potential in them then i say go for it...


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  • I never tried to win anyone back. I just accept it and try to move on. Seems kinda against its purpose anyway, since to get to that stage it has to have become really bad, and naturally there are reasons for that.


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