Why the heck girls leave all the boys who love them like anything and they still act as if they were the one's who sufferd after moving on wid others?


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  • The guys may have loved them but you can't force someone to love someone else. Unrequited love is a bitch.

    • for 2 years she kept telling that she loved me more than anything else in the world and now all of a sudden everything changes

    • Because people fucking change. My brother is separated from his wife because she decided she didn't want to be with him anymore. It doesn't make sense to anyone in my family either, but this shit just fucking happens. I'm not going to try and understand it.

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  • Well first of all, they are morons. Secondly, you have to know something about females... they are greedy. Most only see what they want. When a guy loves them, its given to them on a silver platter... too easy.
    They want to take someone who doesn't love them and make them love her. which about 80% of that doesn't work out. Women want to feel like they matter, like they did something, like they are worth something.
    Sad part, they leave the guys that will make em feel that way, for the ones that will treat em like crap, and very few get to turn that crappy guy... into a good guy.
    We can preach as much as we want, but women will keep doing it. And they dont act like they suffered... they do. but its their fault.


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  • Because they lost someone too. Just because they left you doesn't mean it does not hurt them.

  • Some girls are just mean. Some guys are too.

    • my experiences with girls have been that so I have that image of them coz I've always been loyal

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    • It's not fair to say all girls are like that though. Most of us do stay faithful, it's just the odd few that give us a bad name.

    • I hope to get that kinda girl the one which is faithful before my heart is hardened

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  • it's easier to play the victim


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