Is their really no time fame for nc or for a ex to come back in your life?

i was reading random post and find this. there is no timeframe for 2nd. If you think that there is a certain criteria for time, then you are doing yourself no good. Your best bet is to drop the "How to get them back" advice, and just focus on moving forward. That all you can do. She may or may not come back, but you will have been moving forward all along.
pas i already have a new f2f for the last 3 years but after reading what this guy said n thought about it. people come in go in your life all the time i had a friend i haven't heard from in years show up out of the blue 1 day. so u never know and putting time frames on things is dumb.


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  • I agree. I never liked that time frame stuff. So I definitely agree. But the No Contact period is a time where you heal and try to find closure within yourself. It helps. You won't be tempted to call and text the person and you start to think realistic instead of with emotionak especially after the breakup.

    • you making a really good point and i think i agree with it. i took off almost 12 months to work on myself after my break up and now it no longer painfully... everyday no longer a living he'll. been dating someone new and a lot more happy if my ex ever did come back i wouldn't be the same guy i changed so much

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