Did he really like her? Why'd they break up?

I recently found out that the guy I like had a girlfriend for a while but broke up with her a couple months ago. He ended it. In the time frame I'm talking about he'd stare at me and space out looking at me, take the long way to pass me and stall after class to walk out by me. He asked his buddy why he didn't wait for him and he said "cause you were waiting for your girlfriend". The guy I like quickly went "yeah but..." and trailed off. Immediately after our class was moved to a different room and the moment he stepped in til the moment he sat down he was staring at me, like he looked for me when he came in. He's a flirt but he doesn't stare at the other girls or try to be near them at all but he does with me.

When he would walk with his girlfriend he'd stare at me while he did and never show any signs of affection with her. Sometimes during class he'd be reading letters, I'm guessing from her, but he'd never smile or anything, he'd look troubled and serious as he did so and was in a more serious and moody mood those days. He once told the teacher loud enough for everyone to hear that he went on a date the night before so why'd he announce that to the class and then change what he did last night to homework once he was up at the board?

After he broke up with her signs towards me kicked up a couple notches. It's completely out of his way to come near me, stare at me (he sits behind a really tall girl and I'm way in the back so it's impossible for him to see me unless he moves his desk to the side or cranes his head around her to see me) and take the long way out of class to pass me, yet he does all this and more. he smiles at me when I laugh and if he smiles while talking to a friend in the hall his smiles get bigger when he makes eye contact with me. He'll ask me about stuff he already knows the answer to and stares at me whenever I walk up to the front of the class. Thoughts please? Thanks so much, this has been on my mind all weekend
Did he really like her? Why'd they break up?
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