Should I let him go and move on even if I love him or wait for him and agree to be with him again ?

I'm having a problem now my boyfriend broke up with me a month and a half ago anyway I was miserable I really wanted to kill my self though I'm still young for that but I really wanted to die then I realized that why should I end my life and live in pain my whole life just for a guy ! So I started to hang out with my friends and have fun and just enjoy my moments we didn't talk for like two weeks after the break up then we started to talk normally (like friends) he saw the changes in me and how good I'm now we spent one or two weeks I'm not sure hanging out every single day we had so much fun together and he also started to flirt with me like before and one of the days we were just hanging but he kissed me and I kissed him back though :/ but anyway we were like close again till one day he told me that he still have some feelings for me and that he cares about me and I'm different than the other girls even though when we were about to break up he told me I like you but I don't think we can be together in real anyway now he told me he still cares about me and want me and he was so wrong I was so happy I even cried but now when I actually think of it I don't know what to do if he asked me out again I mean he told me once he just like me and now he loves me ! When did this even happen well I can say I was actually my self when I was with him hanging just like before when we first met he really enjoyed being with me and showed him the real me the one he was with before not the one who was pretending to be anyway I stopped my life now because of him I'm not dating any other guys I'm not even going with a date to the prom just waiting for him I'm afraid that I'm going to hurt his feelings if I become with another guy after what he said to me though I know deep inside that if I was the one who broke up first and told him after 3 weeks that I still want him back he would have said sorry Hun I was in the palm of your hand but you let me go but I didn't tell him that instead of that I cried and hugged him back when he hugged me guys/girls tell me what should I do I love him I really do and I don't want to break his heart ever . You see if he didn't tell me that he still want me I wouldn't have stopped my life for him nope I would have moved on and tried to forget about him but the problem is he actually said he want us to be together again and I know he's not trying to play with my feelings because I know him good enough to be sure that he's serious


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  • um..let me say something black and white-no man is worth killing yourself over.

    if he isn't willing to work to earn your love, then he isn't your man and you're better off without that guy.

  • you sound a little too unstable to be in a relationship. no offense but you shouldn't date any guy right now. work on loving you and not having a relationship. make yourself a priority, guys will always be there.

    • Hmm iguess ur right ineed sometime 4 my own just 2 chill and know what iwant exactly thaanx a lot :D ima do that

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